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a 2015 side-scrolling run-and-gun platform game by Free Lives based on action movie stereotypes. Players play each level as one of the titular 'bros' tasked with rescuing prisoners of war.

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Is it possible to save level progress within a campaign in Brofoce?

Arcade mode in Broforce automatically saves my progress when I return to the menu (although I always have to play the level that I just completed one more time). Is there any way to save the levels ...
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How do I switch bros?

So I'm happily playing along with my favourite bro, when I happen upon another bro to be freed. I want to complete my mission, so I free him, but now I switch automatically to him as well. But he's ...
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How do you jump the gap in Threat Level Apricot?

I'm trying to get over the gap just after the zipline in Threat Level: Apricot, but no matter which Bro I use, none of them can make the jump. How do I get past that gap?
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Deleting characters in Broforce

I want to get rid of some of the characters in my Broforce game. I was wondering how I do this and where the character config is in the BROFORCE folder. I am using the free broforce and I don't have ...
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Which characters are in Broforce, and whose spoof are they?

I played the current version of Broforce, and started unlocking the characters, and I didn't find them all very obvious. Looks like I'm not that educated in action movies. I want to know the original ...
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