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A 1998 PC city building game developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment.

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Caesar 3 - Why don't I get any tax money from my senate?

I am on the second mission. My wages are 30 denari and the tax of 7% is way over 30 denari, but I still keep losing money. My senate has close to 30 employees and 100% of the population is paying tax. ...
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In Caesar 3, how many tiles do school children run?

I ran 20 tests on completely straight roads, placing a school at one end, such that only a single tile of the school is adjacent to the road. These are the figures I have come up with: Tiles | ...
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Housing steps and requirements in Caesar 3

In Caesar 3, you need to provide new services for a house to evolve, from small tents all the way up to luxury palace. What are each steps with the corresponding required service?
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Where, how Caesar III?

I used to play Caesar III on my power mac g3 (mac os 9) I have now a pc laptop and I was thinking where I could find it and how I could install it, what operating system I should use, ( I have Ubuntu ...
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