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A 2019 reboot of the Call of Duty / Modern Warfare FPS franchise. Contains single-player Campaign and SP/MP Spec Ops, and multiplayer online modes. Platforms: PC (Windows), PS4, XBox. Developer: Infinitiy Ward, Publisher: Activision. Influenced by real-world conflicts such as the Syrian civil war and the terrorist attacks that occurred in London, the game stresses on realism options and its signature dark environments. MP support up to 64 players.

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What does the Modern Warfare PS4 digital copy contain?

Before buying the digital copy of Modern Warfare, despite checking their website, I'm still anxious if the campaign and the online game modes like ground war etc. will be included in the digital copy. ...
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Can not play Mordern Warfare Campaign without Warzone Update that locks Modern Warfare without buying XBox Live

My bother got my dad Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the XBox One. setting it up at first i skipped installing Multiplayer because my dad has no interest in it and he doesn't have internet access ...
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