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A 2004 first person shooter video game, developed by Gray Matter Interactive and published by Activision for the Windows and OS X platforms. It is an expansion pack for the 2003 video game Call of Duty. Use this tag only for questions concerning specifically this game.

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Does Call of Duty: United Offensive need CoD 2?

When installing Call of Duty: United Offensive, does the game require Call of Duty 2? I mean, is the expansion standalone or dependent on COD2?
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Call of Duty United Offensive Windows Server binaries

I wanted to start a United Offensive server on my PC but I just can't find the binaries. Only the Linux ones. Any idea where can I get them?
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Respawn system in Call of Duty United Offensive (CoD: UO)

Me and my friends have been playing Call of Duty United Offensive online for quite a while now. We really like the headquarters mode, but can really figure out how the respawning system works. There ...
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Defending when playing as a sniper!

When we are playing with a sniper, the only other gun which we have to defend myself is the sidearm/pistol. But the sidearm is too weak and inaccurate. If I have an enemy close to me who has a rifle/...
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Is there a way to add Bots in a multiplayer game of Call of Duty?

Game: Call of Duty: United offensive. I like the multiplayer in Call of duty so much. But is there a way to add Bots in a game like we add bots in Quake3Arena? I can't find any straight forward ...
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What is the name of this Call of Duty: United Offensive map?

I played Call of Duty: United Offensive in multiplayer for more than 4 years. I liked a particular map which has a two-storyed building with stairs inside and outside the building. There is a large ...
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