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Carto is a 2020 puzzle and adventure game developed by Sunhead Games and published by Humble Games.

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How do I find Uncle Ganga?

In chapter 2 of Carto, I've been tasked with finding Uncle Ganga. There are some children who say Uncle Ganga is the forest, but I don't see him anywhere in the trees. How do I find Uncle Ganga?
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What chapters contain secret pieces in Carto?

In Carto, after you complete the game, a new Secrets menu option opens up. This shows a box with the outline of 6 jigsaw puzzle pieces. I'm fairly sure I managed to find one of the secret pieces in ...
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Where are the plants needed to put Mo to sleep in Carto?

I’m currently stuck in chapter 5 of Carto where I have to find some plants to put Mo to sleep: However, I’ve looked all over my map and can’t seem to find what he’s looking for. Where are the plants ...