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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the first in the series released for the Playstation

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Cannot complete 200% of the map? Castlevania SOTN [duplicate]

I'm not being able to complete 100% of the inverted castle in the area where we find the oarsman. Even using the high jump in the inverted water is useless. Is there another way to discover these ...
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How do I get into the Inverse Castle?

I have been to 781 rooms. Unexplored to me is a spiky area in the chapel blocked by a magic door which I can't open in either bat or mist form, and a one-way wooden panel in the caves with some nice ...
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Why does the Metroidvania genre refer to Symphony of the night, rather than Simon's quest? [closed]

Based on the Wikipedia definition, the Metroidvania genre has roots in the Metroid and Castlevania series/games. Metroidvania is a subgenre of the action-adventure genre of video games. The term ...
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What are the stats of Dracula (final boss, Symphony of the Night)?

Dracula, and his servant, Shaft, make up the final boss fight of Symphony of the Night, and actually put up a challenge. However, due to how the cutscenes work at the end, you can't go back to the ...
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Does the story of LoS integrates with the rest of the franchise?

I'm a huge fan of the Castlevania franchise. I played nearly all of the games, my favorites being Aria of Sorrow and Symphony of the Night. I didn't want to play the Lord of Shadows game serie because ...
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How do I increase difficulty in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? [closed]

I am a big fan of Castlevania: SOTN and I've completed the game at least twice so far. And the game is far too easy. Are there any ways to make the game more difficult during a normal course of play, ...
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How do I open this secret room?

Near the beginning of the game, there is a room full of mermen. The completed map shows a secret room connected at the bottom left of this area. I have heard stories about using the wolf/bat and ...
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How do I get 200.6% map completion?

Basically I have 1889 rooms discovered and I am at 200.5% and I absolutely cannot see which room I need to discover in order to make that final 0.1% Is there a completed a map that would show me ...
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