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Why it's the case that some games' (notably - Heroes of Might and Magic 5) AI actually speeds up when you use Cheat Engine's speed hack?

It's a known issue that HoMM5's AI is incredibly slow. Not only that - its pace slows down even more when the game progresses - so much that a number of excellent mods have been created to enchance it....
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How do I apply a CheatEngine FOV fix to The Saboteur?

I have the Origin version of The Saboteur and would like to fix the FOV on my ultra-wide 32:9 monitor. I have downloaded this CheatEngine FOV fix, but I wonder how to apply it. I can run CheatEngine,...
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In Cheat Engine is it possible to give a preset (item active) inside cheat table?

Suppose I have a cheat table for Cheat Engine and I'd like certain items to get activated/enabled when loading it. How would I go about that? I noticed that inside the <CheatEntry> elements of ...
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Cheat engine change default scan settings

I want to change these settings on load { Scan Type:Exact Value Value Type: 4bytes } to these everytime i launch CE { Scan Type:Value Between Value Type: float }
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How to save Cheat Engine modifications in a pnach file [closed]

I am using many pnach files to cheat in many ps2 games and I can play them by using pcsx2 - The best playstation 2 emulator ever! I also use Cheat Engine 6.5 to make even more cheats that do not ...
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How can I edit memory values for Pokemon Yellow to get infinite money with Cheat Engine?

I'm currently playing pokemon yellow and I realized that the cheat codes looked like memory addresses, so I put them in Cheat Engine and attached it to my VisualBoyAdvanced emulator. And I got nothing,...
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