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Questions tagged [cheats]

USE WITH CAUTION: this tag is for codes, programs and devices that modify gameplay, however we do not allow questions about multiplayer game hacks/exploits that ruin another player's experience for personal gain.

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"Baldguy" cheat in Descent?

The code base of DXX-Rebirth (open-source Descent I and II implementation) contains this line: // Load bitmap for little-known 'baldguy' cheat. A quick googling didn't reveal anything, and there's ...
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Is there a way to move the Abernathy cat with console commands?

So basically I want to bring their cat with me to my settlement. I've already moved the Abernathys via console commands and it worked fine. This cat however is very stubborn. I first tried simply ...
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How do I get the speed up setting for the stock market in cookie clicker?

I had the speed-up option there at one point, but now it's gone and I want to experiment with the stock market and see what the patterns are. What I mean by the speed-up option, is the buttons on the ...
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How to enable Quake 3 Arena cheats from command line

I'm running Quake 3 Arena on Linux Mint 19 by means of the ioquake3 engine 1.36+u20180108~dfsg-2. I purchased the CD years ago and I am using the game data from that (using package game-data-packager)....
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Battlefront 2 (2005) Campaign - Completing the Hoth mission

Soo I recently bought the version of Battlefront 2 (the good one) that got ported to PC, and have been working through the campaign. I'm currently up to the Hoth mission, specifically the final aspect,...
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Why is Cheat Code Converter disabled for SNES (US) in BizHawk?

Using BizHawk 2.9.1, Cheat Code Converter now seems disabled?
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God mode in Doom 3 on Xbox Series X/S

Are cheat codes disabled in Doom 3 on the Xbox Series X/S? For God mode, I keep seeing Left trigger + X, Y, B, A or Left tigger + A, A, A, A, but neither seem to work for me.
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How do I stop people from changing my name in cube2 sauerbraten?

I was playing cube2 Sauerbraten, when this someone started changing my name to vulgar things and making my guy say similar stuff. What are they doing, and how can I stop them? I am running ubuntu 21....
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How do I enable a cheat file in RetroArch?

I'm using the core FCEUX ("FCEUmm") in RetroArch (x64) in Windows 10 to play NES games. The problem I have is when I try to load a cheat file, the application breaks. You all know that RetroArch has ...
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Why won't console commands work in CoD 4?

I want to create a new movie cfg. When I am in multiplayer and load a new devmap with: /devmap mp_mapname I can't get other commands to work. Every time I insert a new command in the console and hit ...
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Sub-surface Cheat/Glitch in Watch_Dogs?

So I was just starting a tailing session and tried to locate the target. But my direction indicator indicated him to be about 100 meters below the surface at a poker game, the one in the shed in the ...
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Is there an ambient light cheat/command in “Don’t Starve”?

Is there a console command or cheat code or something in Don’t Starve that will make it bright like daytime? I checked the console command list, but there was nothing. I’ve seen some mods that can ...
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How do I pause games that don't support it?

In some single-player games, there is no option to pause the game during dialogs or during cut-scenes. However, sometimes things happen in real life (kids, etc.) that require me to shift my attention ...
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Is there any way (cheats included) to botch the Foundation quest in The Outer Worlds, without actually killing anyone?

After many quests where I was able to tell someone I'll do something for them, and then working against them behind their back, like I came to expect that I will always be allowed to accept a job and ...
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pcsxr FF9 cheats

I'm running FF9 (PS1 pal version) in pcsxr under linux. I want make it a little bit easier for me. I found this I have no idea how the form is to use this cheats. What I know is I have to copy in my $...
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Cheat codes won't work in Grand Theft Auto 3

I was playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and entering cheat codes when all of a sudden the cheat codes stopped working! I would type one in and nothing would happen. What's going on?
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Classic Neopets Flash Anti-Cheat?

Having played the classic Neopets Flash arcade when I was younger, I am curious about their anticheat-- presumably since the Neopets arcade games were run within the browser, client-side, they would ...
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Pkhex not loading 'main' in Wine?

Pkhex doesn't load my Alpha Sapphire save for some reason. Pkhex doesn't support Linux natively and thus needs to be run through Wine, could this be caused by Wine? I'm using oothax to get ftbrony ...
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Are there any duplication glitches present in the latest version of Minecraft for Xbox 360?

I have searched and watched many videos of duplication glitches, but every time I find one, its outdated and already fixed. Is there a glitch that still works for the latest version of Minecraft for ...
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