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The first in the popular series of 4X games by Sid Meier, originally released for the PC in 1991. Use this tag only for questions about Sid Meier's Civilization; for later games in the series, use the appropriate game-specific tag, and for the open-source version, use the Freeciv tag.

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What prompts the palace extension event?

Back in the day, Civilization (I) and its 1995 remake Civilization for Networks (CivNet) did have an event that triggered occasionally where you would add an improvement to your palace. The very first ...
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By giving coins to other civilization, would it improve relationships?

I have eliminated 6 empires and I am the most advance empire in the game and I am also the most powerful in the game. Everyones' status is HOSTILE. I'd like to improve everyone status. I usually give ...
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3 votes
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Why does the second build screen only display "more..." in original Civilization?

When I click of "change" in a city in original Civilization and then "more...", I have the following screen : There should be the list of city improvement. Is that a known bug? Is there a work ...
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What is the turn length in Civilization?

In the first edition of Civilization, the length of each turn varies. It starts at 20 year before 1AD and is one year after 1900. What is the full table of turn length?
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How to have real full screen with Civilization in DOSBox?

My screen have a resolution of 1366x768. When I play Civilization (version 1), I got the image in a resolution of 640x400 in the middle of the screen, the rest being black. Instead, when I play Orion, ...
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