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Brave New World is the second expansion of Civilization V.

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How do I convert a city to my religion?

I want to convert a city to my religion, and it already has some followers of other religions. What is the process I need to take to convert it to my religion? Do I need inquisitors? Do I need ...
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What is a theming bonus?

I've seem the term "theming bonus" mentioned a few times, for example on the aesthetics social policy tree: Adopting all policies doubles the theming bonus you receive from Museums and Wonders. ...
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Is there a chart showing all unit upgrade paths in Civilization 5 Brave New World?

Is there a chart showing the upgrade paths for the units? Something like Warrior → Spearman → Pikeman... for all of the units, similar to the chart on this site for vanilla and for Gods and Kings.
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Do I need to be influential with my human teammate to win Tourism Victory?

I'm playing a game with a friend where I'm doing my best to stack tourism. I've noticed that I'm still "exotic" to him and he has a TON of culture. I also cannot generate many tourism bonuses for him ...
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Connection to capitol without port

I have a capitol that doesn't have an exit to the sea but it is connected to another city with a harbor. My other cities are blocked by a non-friendly city state (connected via a road that passes ...
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How to calculate gold earned from a Wonder if another civilization finishes first?

In Civilization V I noticed that when you are about to finish producing a Wonder and another civilization finishes it first, you will earn gold equivalent to how much production you have produced for ...
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"Choose production" bug: game stops map scrolling and doesn't respond to orders, but shows tooltips and animations

There is an annoying bug in Civilization 5: Brave New World, when in certain conditions game stops responding to your orders: you cannot move units, switch between them or choose their actions. ...
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Choose production bug happening on turn 0 [duplicate]

This bug is completely irritating, because on turn 0 when I play as Rome, I can move my units around perfectly fine, but when I try to choose production it just hovers over my city, and does nothing, ...
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