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Brave New World is the second expansion of Civilization V.

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How is the amount of culture granted by "Write Political Treatise" determined?

With a Great Writer, I can "Write Political Treatise": This order will consume the Great Person and will grant a large amount of Culture. Below for example I get +5472. How is this number ...
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Are there any ways to have multiple copies of the same building in one city?

Apparently, the API method for controlling buildings takes an integer count: pCity:SetNumRealBuilding(GameInfoTypes["BUILDING_MONUMENT"], 1) (Link.) This seems to get used with values ...
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Do great artist spend great work when you using them to start golden age?

I mean maximum of great works from artists is 59, so lets say am using 3 my artists to start golden age, so it be 56 great works available in this game?
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Why is a city owned by an enemy but puppeted by another enemy immediately annexed after conquest?

I got a very odd behavior of a Civ5 game. I play Attila and at some point of time Poland and Shoshone declare war. Poland has conquered one Shoshone city some time ago. So I go and take the Poland-...
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Computer Crashing in CIv V

So I was running Civ V perfectly fine for a while, but then it started to freeze. What happens, is it occasionally freezes, and there is nothing I can do. I can move my mouse, but that's it. I can't ...
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High ranking at global leaderboards of Civ5 BNW

High rankings at the global leaderboards have many mysteries. For example, current #1 is Russian tech victory at turn 11 of Diety. But tech victory needs building spaceship which needs quite latest ...
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