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Command and Conquer: Generals is a real time strategy game developed by Electronic Arts for Windows and Macs. While sharing the Command and Conquer name, it does not share the timeline of either the original Command and Conquer, or the Red Alert series of games.

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How can I set up the Origin Store version of Command & Conquer: Generals to run a full HD?

As per the title, I would like to run Command & Conquer: Generals in full HD (or at very least a widescreen resolution). I've tried adding the parameters -xres 1920 -yres 1080 -quickstart to the ...
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Origin Generals Zero Hour Arrows Movement Stuck Problem

I have C&C Generals ZH through Origin. When I play I like to use the arrows to move around the map. However, many times the movement just sticks in one direction and keeps shifting my camera in ...
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How to solve C&C Zero Hour LAN connection issues?

I want to play C&C Generals Zero hour with my brother through a direct connection between a desktop PC and a lap top. The connection establishes without any problem until the game starts. then my ...
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Red, Green, Blue Layer in CuC Generals

I got CnC Generals (first decade) running on Windows XP running in Virtual Box. The only thing that is quite annoying is a red, green, or blue transparent layer that gets active when some Chinese, gba ...
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Move camera with arrow keys in C&C Generals: Zero Hour

I own C&C Generals and C&C Generals: Zero Hour through Origin. It is totally possible to move the camera with the keyboard's arrow keys in standard Generals but not in Zero Hour. In Zero ...
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How do I run Command and Conquer Generals (Zero Hour) in windowed mode via Origin?

I've got the combination game of C&C Generals with and without Zero Hour on Origin, however the game is pretty old and doesn't work well with modern hardware, so I want to run it in windowed mode. ...
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Command and Conquer: Generals not launching on Windows 7 64-bit [duplicate]

I've tried a large number of solutions to the problems that 64 bit Windows 7 has with Generals and Zero Hour, to no avail. I've been trawling all over the internet for a fix for my problem. To wit, I'...
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Are the servers still online for Command and Conquer Generals?

Command and Conquer Generals is offered on the Humble Bundle this week, but are the servers still online for it if the game is purchased through Origin?
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Technical Difficulties Running C&C Generals/Zero Hours on Windows 8.1

I wanted to play C&C Generals and Zero Hours again and installed the game on my Windows 8.1 dell 15R N5110 laptop. But when i run the game the following error pops up and i can't open the game. I ...
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Best unit or building to fight with Apaches

I know that C&C Generals is an old game, but there are a lot of players who like this game. USA Apache unit is one of the most dangerous units in the game. So how can I fight with them with the ...
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Do Strategy Center bonus apply to non US units?

If I capture Strategy Center, do the bonuses (Bombardment, Search and Destroy, Hold the Line) apply for GLA or China units?
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How to remove or disable super weapons in C&C Generals Zero Hour

I would like to play skirmish and co-op games with a friend against multiple AI players. Disabling SW will allow us to war against more AI using conventional weapons. I would like to disable all ...
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What is the maximum distance that Patriot missile launchers can communicate over?

The Patriot Missile Launcher system is the USA base defence structure in Command and Conquer: Generals. Their tooltip says; Detect enemy stealth units, can relay enemy position to nearby Patriots ...
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How can I set a widescreen resolution?

I am trying to play Command & Conquer: Generals on a laptop with a native resolution of 1600x900 but the game doesn't appear to support any custom or widescreen resolutions. All of the resolutions ...
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How can I play C&C Generals over wireless LAN?

Me and my friend have Command & Conquer: Generals and we want to play it using wireless. My laptop is the server. I create an ad hoc wireless network and enable network discovery and sharing on ...
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How can I run "Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour" on Windows 7?

I have Windows 7 64-bit, and I'm trying to run Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour on it. Generals itself works fine, but Zero Hour just quits after the splash screen. I have the latest ...
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How do I increase the camera height in Command & Conquer: Generals?

The camera height is way too low in Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour. Is there any way to increase the height of the camera so I can see more on screen at one time?
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