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Can't get past Allied mission 9 (Leningrad - The Moon Shall Never Have Them)

TL;DR Every time I win the mission, the next mission turns out to be the same as before (mission 9). I can't get to the next mission (mission 10). Why is that, and how do I start the next mission? I'...
1 vote
0 answers

How can I run old games on Windows 7 with a DirectX 9 error?

I have installed Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars on my Windows 7 laptop and updates. However, when I try to run it I see this error1: To answer the points in the dialog: I have DirectX 11 ...
3 votes
1 answer

Network problem EA games

Last weekend I bought Red Alert 3 on steam with the intention to play it with a friend. I know the official servers are down, but it should be possible to play it via hamachi or other lan software. ...