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Command & Conquer, also known as C&C and later as Tiberian Dawn, is a 1995 real-time strategy computer game developed by Westwood Studios. Set in an alternate 1995, Command & Conquer tells the story of two globalized factions: the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.

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What's Kane's story? (C&C)

So Kane pretty much drives the tiberian universe and is an enigmatic leader who keeps comming back no matter what. When Tiberian Twillight was announced they said they would resolve Kane's story and ...
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Transfer progress (Command and Conquer 95)

I'm playing Command and Conquer (1995) on my desktop computer with Windows 7 (64 bit). Since I'm going to replace my HDD with a new SSD, I wonder how can I keep and transfer my progress when I ...
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Running C&C 16 or 32 bit game on a 64 bit system [duplicate]

I have a HP dv5-2135dx laptop, Windows 7 64 bit.What upgrades do I need [if any] to run C&C 16 or 32 bit games on my system.
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Is there a way to install the original Command and Conquer on Windows 7?

Is there any way to install C&C on Windows 7 without the XP VM? I tried using the XP virtual mode but I guess my laptop is not compatible with it. I tried changing the compatibility in the ...
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Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn, and dinosaurs

When I was (a lot) younger, I used to play Tiberium Dawn at a friend's house. One day when I was around there playing, he showed me a level where you could play against dinosaurs. From memory, he had ...
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How do I run Command & Conquer Gold on Windows 7 64-bit (in XP mode)?

I downloaded the first Command & Conquer game from EA and burnt some CDs. I couldn't get the Setup.exe program to run in Windows 7 64-bit, as it must need some old DLLs. So I ran up the Windows XP ...
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