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The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit home computer introduced by Commodore International in January 1982. Nowadays C64 games can be played on a variety of platforms through the use of emulators.

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Which is the original "L’Abbaye des morts" game?

The game L’Abbaye des morts can be found implemented for many retro and modern systems. For example: Commodore 64 Sega ZX Spectrum It is visible that the game is implemented by different people or ...
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How do I run Commodore 64 games on

On the website, there many Commodorore 64 games, but every time I try to run one I get to the Commodore terminal, and I can't find how to run the game.
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In Bard's Tale 3 (for the Commodore 64), sometimes I am attacked with the message "phazing her". What does this mean?

In the RPG Bard's Tale 3, sometimes I get attacked with the message" "So-and-so is hit for xxx damage, phazing him!!" I can't figure out what this does in addition to just normal damage. Does it do ...
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Why does Jumpman's Randomizer always start on level 12? [closed]

The 1983 platform game Jumpman by Epyx features 30 unique levels. The game gives the player the choice of playing the entire set of levels from beginning to end, or of playing a selection of levels ...
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How do you play Math Busters on the Commodore 64?

Recently got the old Commodore out of my parents attic. Trying a game I vaguely remember called Math Busters by Spinnaker Software. I don't have the manual and I can't figure out how to do ...
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Impossible Platform in Impossible Mission

Seriously, how the heck can I reach this platform? I cannot step over any of these gaps. All I can do is jump, and I can't seem to jump a short distance, so I always skip two gaps. How can I possibly ...
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How do I roller-skate?

How do I get my roller-skater to skate? I've tried forward, back, forward, back, but she just won't move! I am playing this through the Wii's Virtual Console, which (oddly enough) uses the Commodore ...
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How to connect a C64 with a PC display?

A friend of mine has an old C64, it has a video output and we are wondering how to connect this with an VGA or DVI computer monitor?
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What would cause Sauron to attack?

In the Commodore 64 manual for War In Middle Earth, the manual said: Sauron, like the Nazgul, is to be avoided altogether. However, he spends most of his time within the confines of Mordor itself....
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Why didn't main characters continue to move in War In Middle Earth?

A long time ago I played War In Middle Earth on the Commodore 64. As you played through you could somewhat recreate the events of the books. I took Frodo across the Misty Mountains, down through ...
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How do you beat the dragon in Heroes of the Lance?

Heroes of the Lance was a game based on DragonLance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, utilizing the main characters from the book and letting you play their journey into Xak Tsaroth and confronting the ...
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How do I beat the end battle?

I dusted off the old Commodore 64 a little while ago and found some old save games for Pools of Darkness. All of the games were at basically the same place. The final set of fights in the game. ...
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Lords of Midnight (8 bit version) - did anyone complete it? If so, how?

I had many happy (& frustrating days) playing Lords of Midnight on the C64. However I never came close to completing it. The idea seemed simple, get Morkin to destroy the Ice Crown, or get Luxor'...
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Why did many commodore 64 games feature different music than their original Arcade or other computers version? [closed]

The most notable example I can think of right now are Ghosts 'n goblins and Ghouls 'n ghosts. Converting a game from a platform to another required a license to do so, of course, so I don't think ...
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Why did many commodore 64 games require the joystick to be in port #2?

Why did many commodore 64 games require the joystick to be in port #2, despite being single-player games? I remember being annoyed by having to unplug and plug the joystick between games.
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Are there any maps of the cities and the planet surface for Mars Saga?

For the old Commodore 64 game Mars Saga, I've found maps of the caves but no maps of the surface or the cities. Anyone know if they exist somewhere? Additionally, are there any other interesting ...
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Where to buy/download Commodore-64 games [closed]

Where can I buy/download Commodore-64 games to be run by a Commodore-64 emulator on my PC?
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