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How do I disable MaxAllowedPing on my Conan Exiles dedicated server?

The server host I use sometimes has issues with the query port, causing the ping to show as 9999 until the issue is cleared. In an effort to improve the experience for my users, I want to entirely ...
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Is there a way to freeze the world?

Since the multiplayer world I'm playing in runs on a server, 'pausing' the game or using any of the built-in admin functions (specifically 'Freeze time') will not prevent the world from remaining ...
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What is the efficient way to reach the Star Metal and Black Ice zone?

In Conan Exiles the map is divided in a different biomes with a different climate - from hot desert to icebergs. The most advanced minerals - Star Metal, obsidian, gold and black ice - are only ...
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Conan Exiles - Win and End the Game? Or Perpetual Survival?

I've been playing Conan Exiles on a friend's server for a couple of weeks now, and it just hit this one of those "endless treadmill" games of perpetual survival, or is there an ...
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How do I use AutoHotKey to switch Slomo modes in Ark/Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles and Ark use the same engine. You press insert, you type "slomo 3", you press enter, and the game runs wayyy faster. I'm trying to get an AHK script working where when I press F1, F2 and ...
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