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Questions tagged [counter-strike-2]

A 2023 first person shooter developed and published by Valve. It is the fifth major installment in the Counter-Strike series. The game replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam on September 27th, 2023.

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Comparing ranks in csgo (or cs2?)

TL;DR If i am gold nova 3 in winghuman, then what's likely my MM rank? I'm looking for sites that tell me like this. Not really updated with cs2 but for either cs2 or csgo matchmaking or csgo faceit (...
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Why were the IDF removed from Dust2, and why was Dust2 removed from the Active Duty map pool?

I noticed after the 2023 October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel: In CS2/CSGO, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) were removed in Dust2. And ultimately, Dust2 the most popular map ever, was removed from ...
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As to why we don't all play faceit in counterstrike: How isn't this prisoner's dilemma?

In plain spoon-feeding yet arrogant language: I'm asking why don't we all just play faceit. Here's what I understand: Regular csgo/cs2 matchmaking aka 'mm' has no intrusive anti-cheat. Faceit has ...
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Why is famas the default counter-terrorist auto-buy rifle even with plenty of money?

Using F3 in the buy zone at the start of the round buys a weapon automatically, based on the amount of money available. When playing terrorist, the auto-buy rifle is the AK-47, as long as enough money ...
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Can I play CS2 with 4 GB of RAM? [duplicate]

After CS2 was released, I quickly downloaded it. Then I tried to open it, but it wouldn't open. I tried to run as an admin, disable fullscreen optimization, and clear my old launch options. But it ...
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What's "Ping Site" in CS2 and when should I use it?

I'm new to Counter Strike 2 (on PC) and I can't figure out what's the use of "Ping Site A/B" in the game. I tried to find articles or helpful videos on YouTube but all I found was "your ...
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CS 2 "sub-tick" rate

The new update for Counter-Strike have just been announced and I found myself particularly intrigued by the "sub-tick" rate feature. The launch trailer video suggests that the refresh rates ...
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How to disable profile images?

In lower level public matchmaking games (on the Stockholm server) I'm often paired with players using Hitler, Mussolini and Anders Behring Breivik facial photographs as profile images, among other ...
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