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a community-management and regulation platform by Valve for CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Trusted members of the community are given tools to review cases of disruptive behaviour, mark them valid or invalid, and hand out temporary bans where appropriate

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CSGO Auto hotkey

Can someone get VAC banned for using the auto hotkey? ( i.e Bhop script) I've seen a lot of people using it on community servers and I was wondering if it would be possible doing that on a VAC secured ...
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When do you unlock overwatch function in CSGO? [duplicate]

The question is simple, how many competitive matches do you need to unlock overwatch function in CSGO? Or what range do you need to be to unlock this function?
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On CS GO competitive, is it useful to report someone every round?

I noticed on Overwatch sessions, you only watch some of the rounds, I was wondering if it depended on which round the player was reported. Therefore I was wondering, is it useful to report a cheater ...
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Does the Game Ban text go away when it lifts?

If I get a cheater ban from Overwatch for ~1 year, will the text of "1 game bans on record" go away when the ban lifts?
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CSGO Cooldown system reductions after more than one 7 day ban? Do bans affect getting overwatch?

I get cooldowns often. I kill teammates, yeah, I'm that guy. That might be why I'm so low ranked(GN2) anyway, I understand first time banned 30 mins then an 2 hours and so on and so on. I got a ...
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Overwatch doesn't give XP on competitive

I recently finished some cases in Overwatch but I didn't get any XP for them. I then played a deathmatch on a Bloodhound Operation map and from this I got XP. Do I have to play on a Bloodhound ...
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How does access to Overwatch get enabled?

I've clocked up over 500 hours on CS:GO, and recently I've had access to Overwatch to review cases of reported cheating and disruptive behavior. In game it shows as Overwatch Beta. Is this something ...
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