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Counter-Strike (CS 1.6) is a multiplayer tactical FPS by Valve Corporation, released in 2000. It was originally a Half-Life mod and is the first game in the Counter-Strike series. Do NOT use this tag for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) or Counter-Strike 2.

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How many seconds count until bomb detonates in Counter Strike?

In Counter-Strike, is there any count (in seconds/minutes) until the bomb explode when it's first set-up? And can the timing be modified?
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How do I get the vertical black bars while playing cs 1.6?

My current desktop reso is 1366x768 In cs 1.6 I have selected display option as Normal and Resolution as 1024x768. In this settings I don't get those vertical black side bars which make the ...
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How can I determine the bottleneck in my gaming rig? [duplicate]

I have a Dell Dimension E510. Its most important gaming specs are: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz CPU 1 GB of RAM (with a max of 4 GB) ATI Radeon X300 with 128 MB Typically I enjoy playing Counter Strike ...
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Counter strike 1.6 / condition zero - add Headshot, double kill,... sound

I really like the sound effect: headshot, double kill, multi kill,... some thing likes this. How can I add these effect to my Counter strike 1.6 or condition zero game?
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What is "OpenGL" and why did a player get banned for it?

Today, while playing Counter Strike 1.6 on a server, I saw a message at the left corner saying: Player Name - x. Permanent Ban. Reason - "OpenGL" detected So what is this OpenGL thing in Counter ...
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What are the differences between Counter Strike 1.6 and CS:Source?

What are the main differences between these two versions? Is it just the graphic engine or are there other differences in terms of gameplay mechanics?
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How do I use zbot in Counter-Strike 1.6?

I'm quite an old fan of Counter-Strike. 3 or 4 years ago I was able to play Counter-Strike 1.6 with the Condition Zero bot (also called zbot). This bot is quite awesome as it it well programmed and ...
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How to find "STEAM only" Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source servers?

Both games are good, though I love 1.6 better. One thing ruins all the gameplay. Non-steam players (more than 70% of them are cheating.) They can't be banned, can't be checked. Is there a way to ...
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Counterstrike 1.6 noforce command line parameters?

Does anybody know the noforce command line parameters for Counterstrike 1.6? I have a monitor that runs with a refresh rate of 75hz and with the default configuration for graphics card setting when ...
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Does the original Counter-Strike have "official" servers?

Does CS have official Valve servers as CS: Global Offensive? When searching for servers I find countless community servers using custom game modes (I can't change 'game' filter), sounds, textures and ...
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How can I see my player movements in Counter Strike?

I am new in Counter Strike. I have one laptop where I am practising my movement skills playing alone. I would like to see my player so I can understand the movement mechanics for when I am going to be ...
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Ways to tweak my Ping in Counter-Strike

Are there any ways to reduce my ping in Counter-Strike 1.6? On most servers in my country the ping is around 90-120. I like to reduce it without switching ISPs and don't want to pay for fastpath. I ...
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