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Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal is a tower-defense style strategy game released for Max-OS, Windows and Linux. It was developed by Knuckle Cracker, and released on October 4th, 2013. Questions using this tag should be specifically contextual to the game.

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How to get Strafers on Navox: Ormos, in Story Sector 2?

How to get Strafers on Navox: Ormos, in Story Sector 2? I beat the planet that gives me Strafers, but was my issue that I went to Ormos first so the game knows that I shouldn't have strafers and is ...
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How to sync my save between PC on Creeper world 3 AE

I play Creeper World 3 on both my laptop and desktop, one with ubuntu and the other on windows 10. As far as I know, it seem like CW3 do not use the steam cloud to keep the save file. How can I keep ...
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When are Bombers better than Sprayers?

In Creeper World, there's a marvelous substance called Anti-Creeper that is exactly the same as the Creeper that's trying to kill you, with two key differences that make it great for holding territory:...
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What makes Creeper "fall out" of Digitalis?

Digitalis is a gray mesh that carries Creeper really fast. You can't destroy it, an in some maps, you can't avoid building on it. Whatever you build on it is prone to getting destroyed quickly ...
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How to deal with small worlds in tormented space?

In "Tormented Space", there are plenty of small worlds where enormous amounts of creeper is quick to overwhelm almost any position on the map; quickly enough that they appear impossible. For example, ...
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How do you beat a mission in under a minute?

Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal has been described as "building a spiderweb to fight a slushy": you're building a network of various devices and weapons, connected so that they can get power from a ...
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