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Questions tagged [crusader-kings]

Crusader Kings is the first game in the Crusader Kings series. Like its sequel, Crusader Kings II, it is a grand strategy game set in Europe and the surrounding area during the medieval era. Rather than playing as a country, as is the case for most grand strategy titles, in Crusader Kings you play as an individual and his/her descendants. It was developed by Paradox Development Studios and was published by Paradox Interactive in 2004.

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3 votes
1 answer

How to determine succession laws of one’s neighbours?

I am playing Crusader Kings Complete (Steam version of original game with Deus Vult expansion) without any mods. I am trying to figure out how to find succession laws in other lands, so that I can ...
3 votes
0 answers

What is the use of bishops?

When I don't have bishops appointed the only difference I notice is that from time to time the Vatican proposes to fill in this position. What are they good for? And what qualifications must a ...
43 votes
2 answers

Can I marry my grandmother?

Looking through the thread about Crusader Kings on a CK Reddit, I ran into the following throwaway comment: The genocides, the murders, the marrying your grandmother and having kids...........
0 votes
1 answer

Will the offspring from a bastard male and a dynasty female be of my dynasty? (Merchant Republic)

Ok I have a unwed niece and I want her to produce more offspring of my dynasty. Will marrying a bastard male make the children of my dynasty or his? Also I'm a merchant replublic so I can't select ...