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a 2017 indie run & gun game by StudioMDHR and is designed & inspired by 1930s cell-animated cartoons. The titular Cuphead must defeat a series of enemies in a bid to win back his soul from the devil. The game also features a co-op mode with player two taking on the role of Cuphead's brother, Mughead.

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How to get expert ranking on Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead?

I've gotten past Chef Saltbaker one time by a miracle. But now, I'm trying to 300% Cuphead. Saltbaker is one of my last opponents to defeat on Expert mode, and I can't seem to find any strategy to get ...
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How do you make Cuphead black and white?

I've seen screenshots of it, and a character on the third isle says something about you have to be a pacifist or something. How is it done?
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How EXACTLY does the two-player mode work in Cuphead?

Disclaimer: I've been searching over and over for a detailed explanation of how does the two-player mode work in Cuphead, but there are tons of results linking to completely worthless articles from ...
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How does the Cuphead difficulty level change when one player dies in two player co-op?

When playing two player co-op mode in Cuphead there seems to be a significant drop in difficultly when one member of the team dies. It's my hunch that after a death the difficultly drops to one ...
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Downpatch / Legacy - Weapons Switch Glitch does not work

So, I've gone back to the Legacy version of Cuphead by Right Clicking on Cuphead in Library-> Properties-> Betas-> legacy -no patches --use at your own risk. I can see [legacy] next to Cuphead in my ...
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Why did Cuphead delete my save files?

I loaded up the game offline, and it did not have my items and such. It still left me off where I was (zone 3) though nothing was completed. I Alt-F4'd the game to close it, afraid it would save and ...
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Can you die after the 'Knockout!'?

Watching lets plays of Cuphead, I ofter see people beat the boss (get the 'Knockout!'), but there are still things that could kill it on the screen. Can you die after the knockout? If you die after ...
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How does the shop of cuphead work?

Heading into cuphead, I heard that the shop works in a weird way. I heard the shop works in branches, where if you buy item A1 you'll get A2 next, but if you buy B1 you get B2 next. So you must make ...
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Dragon Boss strategy?

So I'm stuck in Cuphead at the dragon boss. I can't say I can see any attack pattern he follows is he really just a random attack pattern? I've been using the charge cannon for him.
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Do bosses take damage during transformation animations?

I've noticed that bosses sometimes seem to visibly take damage after you've done enough to force them into the next stage of the fight but before the next stage actually begins. For example, when ...
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What do the difficulty levels change?

Before selecting a battle, you can select "Simple" or "Regular" difficulty. However, upon selecting both, I didn't really notice much of a difference. Simple was still quite challenging with the same ...
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