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Cut The Rope is a physics-based puzzler for iOS and Android from ZeptoLab.

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3 answers

Where are all the hidden drawings in Cut The Rope?

There are 19 hidden Om Nom drawings in Cut The Rope game (for both iOS and Android). Where are they found? Related question: Where are all the pictures in Professor's Album in Cut the rope: ...
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Is there a trick to using the air cushions in Cut the Rope?

I can't seem to get the hang of the air cushions in Cut the Rope. I must average 20 taps for each puff of air. I find levels that require multiple puffs in quick succession to be an exercise in ...
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3 votes
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Does Cut the Rope on iPad support Game Center at all?

As of now with version 1.8 of Cut the Rope HD on iPad, when the app starts, it says "Welcome back, mike", which is the standard greeting of Game Center. But there seems to be no where to be found for ...
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How is it possible to get a score of 2 billion in Cut the Rope?

I just played through the first box (cardboard) in Cut the Rope, aiming for the fastest times and therefore highest score. It seems like the absolute highest score you can get for a level is around 6,...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do you 'outsmart 200 spiders' in Cut the Rope?

In Cut the Rope on iPhone, I have most of the achievements, except for "Spider Tamer" (outsmart 200 spiders) and "Calorie Minimiser" (lose candy 200 times). But I'm sure I should have both. I do have ...
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3 answers

"Cut the rope" view levels current scores / time

(on iPhone 4, iOS4) Cut the rope is really a great game. I installed both the full version and the Xmas version. However there are two things pretty annoying Opening the levels page shows first a ...
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