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Questions tagged [dark-souls-series]

a series of medieval action RPG games in the 'Souls' universe. Use this tag for questions about game mechanics, plot or lore of the entire series. For questions about individual games, please use the appropriate game tag instead.

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“Friendly fire” for enemies in the Dark Souls series

In Dark Souls enemies can hit through other enemies without damaging them. Is this also true for: Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 3
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Firekeepers in Dark Souls - what is their place in the Dark Souls Universe?

So I have been watching some playthroughs lately of the Souls Games, and the one thing that has stood out to me was the way that the Firekeepers are treated throughout the different games. For example,...
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How do players find the more intricate secrets in the Dark Souls series?

The Dark Souls franchise has some devilish secrets. Take take just the third installment as an example. One trophy ("The Usurpation of Fire") requires the player to perform 11 different actions ...
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Benefits of holding many souls at once

Are there any benefits of keeping a lot of souls with you at once in any game of Dark Souls series?
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What is the differences between INT and FTH?

I finished dark souls 2 in STR build and I know about how DEX and STR works and what is differences for example: STR weapons are powerful and deal a lot of damage to enemIES and weapons are big but ...
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What sparked the first flame?

In Dark Souls lore the world was unshaped, unchanging, and and covered in an endless shroud of grey fog. Until suddenly the first flame came into existence. It was that flame that created diversity or ...
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Is it necessary to play Dark Souls I / II before I play III? [duplicate]

I want to play Dark Souls series. If I play the III before the others. Will I not understand the story (if there is a story, of course) or something else ?
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When exactly does the auto-save save the game in Dark Souls?

The auto-save system in Dark Souls saves quite a lot, but exactly how often does it save? If I was to force-quit the game, how much progress would I lose at any given time?
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Is there any faster way to exit Dark souls games?

So, quitting my game then waiting to connect to the dark souls server is kinda BS. Is there a faster way to quit the game than waiting for all that?
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Lore reason behind dissolving of the corpses in Dark Souls

Some enemies, after you kill them, leave a corpse behind, some just dissolve in the air and leave nothing. First I thought it is because of their size, but it is not size dependent, for example slimes ...
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Is the runic writing in the Dark Souls series based on anything?

I've seen in other game series that an in-game language corresponds to some real-life language, such as the various forms of Hylian in the Legend of Zelda series. I had never questioned that the runes ...
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In terms of lore, how do Miracles work?

In the lore of Dark Souls, are Miracles you being granted power by the souls of gods/Lords? Or are they simply manifestations of the power of your own faith or soul? It seems to me to point to the ...
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2 answers

Does Dark Souls III follow Dark Souls and Dark Souls II in the storyline?

Is there a significant storyline that progresses from the first game to the third game? Such a story line would cause a player who started with the first game to be incredibly confused, and causing ...
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Does Bloodborne exist in the same universe as the Dark Souls games?

I have heard of small "easter eggs", such as the priest in Bloodborne saying "Umbasa". There's not much online - anyone know for sure?
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