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a 2005 real-time tactics & strategy video game by Introversion Software. A digital world populated by Intelligent Polygonal shapes has become infected with a computer virus, and the player must help to save it.

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How exactly is your software upgraded in Darwinia?

I'm almost at Biosphere but my weapons are all on level 1, except my lasers. I don't know how I can get better grenades or rockets.
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Send Darwinians through Teleporter

I'm in the 2nd world and have taken over all the gates but I need to get 150 darwinians underneath the tree in the middle. No matter what I try with setting the location of an officers orders I can'...
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How do I kill soul destroyers?

The soul destroyers are a real pain, I've tried shooting them with rockets but they are too hard to hit and just ram my squads to death, how do I kill these monsters?
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Where are the red guys coming from in Darwinia?

I'm on the level where you have to take over some laser satellite transponders and change them from red to green with darwinians. I thought I had the whole level beat, and then suddenly I see red ...
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Where do those nasty red balls (eggs?) come from in Darwinia?

Two questions, really: Does the game explain at some point where those red "eggs" come from? Where does these red "eggs" come from?
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