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The Second survival horror video game set in an open world environment released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC from Capcom.

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Is it possible to play Dead Rising 2 indefinitely?

A core mechanic of the Dead Rising franchise is the ever-ticking clock towards failure of story missions. I, and many other players, find this to be threatening and limits enjoyment from the game. ...
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Does the shortcut in DR2:OTR persist across a new game?

I just got the shortcut from the mall to Royal Flush Plaza in DR2:OTR. If I start a new game with this save, will I still know the shortcut? Or do I have to wait until that Survivor pops up and rescue ...
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Dead Rising 2: Mix Matching

With the Dead rising 2 DLC (Soldier, Psycho, etc.) Do you have to wear the full outfit for the effects to work or can you mix and match and have all of them at one? I am fond of soldiers appearance ...
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Will I miss cool stuff if I restart?

I'm currently playing Dead Rising 2 on the Xbox 360 and the game is getting increasingly hostile towards me. I have to keep rushing for toilets like I've eaten nothing but mexican for a week or else I ...
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Most Effective Way(s) to Gain Levels in Dead Rising 2

What is the most effective way, considering time, to gain Prestige Points (PP) in Dead Rising 2? I played Dead Rising, and I loved it, but until I got near the top tier of levels, the game was just ...
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What carries over from Case Zero into Dead Rising 2?

I played through Case Zero on the 360, and I'm tempted to get Dead Rising 2 for PC. It's cheaper and will look nicer. But I'm afraid that I'll be missing out on some super combo weapon or story ...
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Do any of the Dead Rising 2 books help combo weapons?

As with the first game in the series, there exist books and magazines to improve weapon durability. But I don't know how these interact with the combo weapons, if at all. Has anyone experimented with ...
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Dead Rising 2 story continuity

So I really enjoyed Dead Rising 1, and plan on getting Dead Rising 2 (weapons combinations = stupid fun). Anyway, how necessary is it to the continuity of the story to play through Dead Rising 2 Case ...
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