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Deemo is a music rhythm game for mobile devices.

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How do I unlock Altale's Extra chart?

As title. Deemo released its 3.0 update which introduces a new difficulty called "Extra". Altale has an Extra chart (LV S) according to its wiki and multiple videos on YouTube. How do I unlock it? ...
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Can I go back to my old playthrough on Forgotten Hourglass activation?

I am met with a completely reset and new storyline after I clicked the Forgotten Hourglass in Alice's Room. I have finished Deemo 2.0 and reached the credits. Is it possible to go back to the old ...
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How do I unlock new songs?

Sometimes I unlock a new song, sometimes i don't. But I couldn't find the reason behind it. Are there specific requirements for each song, or is it generic? It depends on luck?
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