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a 2006 indie real time strategy by Introversion Software. Players play a game of Global Thermonuclear War reminiscent of War Games, by controlling one country's nuclear and conventional weaponry they must annihilate as much of the enemy's population as possible, while minimising their own losses.

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Is there a pause button?

There is no pause button in the game speed bar. I have seen discussions where people mention Space or 0 as the pause key except you have to turn it on. Neither of these work, and I have checked the ...
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Can I get steam achievements when playing only vs. AI opponents?

I've played a couple of games of DEFCON vs. AI opponents and I'm pretty sure to have met some achievements goals. Strangely those achievements haven't been unlocked. Are achievements allowed in vs. AI ...
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How can I set the starting conditions to give myself more of an advantage against the AI in Defcon?

I've just started playing Defcon, and I've been learning the game by playing against the AI. The AI is tough. I keep getting my behind handed to me. This is, shall we say, not optimal. There's ...
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How do I get the "Merry Christmas" achievement in DEFCON?

I have a feeling the new Merry Christmas achievement is going to become significant in a bit, and therefore I'd like to unlock it. However, I have no idea how. The description doesn't help at all: ...
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DEFCON strategies

I bought DEFCON thanks to the recent steam sale and am keen to hear good strategies. I find that I'm not playing well enough to see the depth in the game - usually I just dump my missiles in a oner ...
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