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Defiance is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing(MMORPG) Open-World Third Person Shooter Developed and Published by Trion Worlds

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What should I do if I am on fire?

I noticed that in Defiance you can roll your character (default Alt). If I am on fire, will rolling make it stop? Do any other nano effects stop after rolling?
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Is the day-night cycle purely cosmetic?

The cycle for this game seems pretty quick. Is there anything that happens more often, or exclusively, at certain times or parts of the day?
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Is there any way to enter an instance by yourself?

I'd like to visit the Explosions 101 map and drive around a Cerberus jeep for a while, but I can't find any way to enter an instance by yourself. Does anyone know of a way?
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How much of the content comes with the original game purchase

I am skeptical about getting Defiance, since I have heard that the a lot of content in the game has to be purchased as cash shop or DLC. How much of the content comes with the original game purchase?
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Can I add Defiance to my Steam account?

I've purchased Defiance, and I'm familiar with adding external games to Steam. My question is, can I add Defiance to my Steam account where I would be able to download it from Steam directly? I did ...
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Do you still gain weapon type xp when the weapon's xp is maxxed?

I've heard a rumor but I can't find anything to back it or show that it is untrue. Once a weapon has hit the max experience it can get, you no longer gain weapon type experience from continuing to use ...
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