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Why my deltarune 2 didn't continue my deltarune 1 progress?

In chapter 1, I have a few items and armor that can unlock a dialog on chapter 2, but for some reason, when I start to play on chapter 2, it didn't continue my chapter 1 progress. It's all back to 0.
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What carries over from a Chapter 1 save file into Chapter 2?

In the menu for Deltarune Chapter 2, there's an option to import a save file from Chapter 1. Unfortunately, I no longer have my Chapter 1 save. What changes occur in Chapter 2 if you have a save file ...
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Where to find the broken key parts?

In Deltarune, I've found a singular part of a broken key. It's called 'Broken Key B.' I know you have to take it to the Blacksmith for him to fix it, and I maybe know what it unlocks. I've searched ...
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Can I play Deltarune without a Windows or Mac PC?

I played Undertale on my Switch and I'd like to get Deltarune. Is there any way I can play Deltarune without a Windows or Mac PC?
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