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Descent is a 1995 six degrees of freedom first-person spaceship shooter from Interplay Productions and the first game in the Descent series. It was originally released for MS-DOS and was later ported to other systems including the original Sony PlayStation. Use this tag only for the original game in the Descent series rather than any of its sequels.

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Where are these two video game songs from?

I have been playing through a custom mission in 1994's descent-1, a 6DoF shooter. The community has created a number of custom missions throughout the years, and the particular one I am playing ...
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How to get mega missiles in yellow zone of level 27 in Descent 1?

In level 27, Charon Volatile Mine (last level of the game), behind the yellow door there is a large "room" with several invulnerability boosts and invisibility boosts. This room makes some ...
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"Baldguy" cheat in Descent?

The code base of DXX-Rebirth (open-source Descent I and II implementation) contains this line: // Load bitmap for little-known 'baldguy' cheat. A quick googling didn't reveal anything, and there's ...
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How do you trigger doors in the Descent 1 level "Titanium Falcon Military Depot"?

Of the Levels of the World levels for the original Descent 1, one of the most obtuse is "Titanium Falcon Military Depot" (a.k.a. "T.F. Military Depot"). It starts out in a single room with some ...
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