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Questions tagged [digimon-world]

Released in 1999, Digimon World was the first game in a series of games revolving a World populated by digital (digi) monsters (mon). It shares several aspects of the homonimous anime series, Digimon Adventures.

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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to learn more then 1 skill in a single battle?

I'm actually fighting Giromon and multiple guides say about all his 3 ability that the whole game has just 1-2 occasions to get them. Right now I'm having a Andromon who is even capable to learn all 3 ...
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16 votes
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Are all PAL-versions limited by the "PAL-bug" and were any measures taken to fix it?

When I first played Digimon World I really loved the game, but sadly the so caled "PAL-bug" rips out a big amount of the game. For those who don't know it: The PAL-bug causes that Agumon at the ...
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In Digimon World, Punimon said "buy item after digivolving, something good will happen", what is it?

Digimon World for PlayStation (PSOne). At some point Punimon will explain that you can press Start at shops to see item description, and say "buy an item after digivolving, something good will happen"....
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