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DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by Microsoft for Windows and Xbox. It is used to handle tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video. Use this tag only if your question is specifically about DirectX or a DirectX-related issue.

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What is the difference between DirectX 11 and 12?

I wanted to know this because older graphics hardware that only supported DirectX 11 now supports DirectX 12 too. This was not the case between DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 (i.e. DirectX 10 hardware ...
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What is Direct X, and why do games keep on requesting different versions?

I am not very experienced with computers, and was wondering what Direct X actually does, on my PC. Why do various games request different versions? Should the latest version cover all of them, or do ...
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State of Decay: YOSE won’t launch due to DirectX 11 error

I bought and installed State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition on Steam and then tried to play it, knowing it'd probably give me lag issues out the yang unless I did some serious witchcraft with my ...
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I'm trying to play an old game. Will installing an old DirectX version affect anything? [duplicate]

I'm trying to play an old Windows 98 game on Windows 7. The game is asking me to install DirectX 6. If I choose to install them, will this affect my system? (In other words, will this stop newer games ...
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5 votes
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A game is asking to install an older DirectX version. Should I allow it?

I have the latest DirectX. However, I am installing an older game, and it asks if I would like to install DirectX 6.1. Should I allow the install program to do that?
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DirectX error when loading GTA4

I'm getting the following error when trying to load Grand Theft Auto 4. DD3D50 D3D Error - DirectX 9 video card required My PC specs: Core 2 Duo Intel 4 GB RAM 500 Hard drive But NO GRAPHICS ...
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6 votes
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DirectX setup Internal Error when installing Mass Effect 3

When trying to install Mass Effect 3 on my Windows 7 machine I got the following message at 99% installed: I have made sure that i have the most resent version of DirectX form the web installer. I ...
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4 answers

How do I resolve the "Launcher cannot query DirectX" error when launching L.A. Noire on Windows XP?

I keep getting a "The Launcher cannot query DirectX. Please update DirectX by installing the latest redistributable" error message when launching L.A. Noire. I'm on Windows XP, and this is ...
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Does Starcraft 2 have better graphics with DirectX 10 than DirectX 9?

I seem to recall rumors that Starcraft 2 looked better when using DirectX 10 over DirectX 9. Is this true, and if so, can you give examples (preferably in screenshot form)?
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What's the difference between DirectX 10 and DirectX 9?

In Civilization V, when starting the game, it offers me the option of using DirectX 10 or DirectX 9. Are there any graphics quality or performance gains present when using the DirectX 10 version? I ...
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