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DirectX 10 is a collection of APIs for Microsoft Windows that facilitate access to system hardware to facilitate multimedia tasks, including video game programming, released for Windows Vista and 7.

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Can I make Apex Legends run on DirectX 10?

I have a bad computer but I want to play Apex. I tried putting "-dxlevel 10" in the launch properties box, but it didn't start. It's a Source Engine game, so shouldn't it use the same Source commands? ...
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DirectX 10/11 games crash in fullscreen mode

Recently (something like 1 month ago), all my DirectX 10/11 games started crashing whenever set to launch in fullscreen mode. My system specs: OS: Windows 8.1 x64 CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2.66 GHz (...
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Why would I want to use a particular version of DirectX? How should I choose?

I've noticed a number of games lately that give me a choice of what version of DirectX to run the game with, usually 9, 10, or 11 (or some subset thereof). I have a graphics card that supports DirectX ...
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Varying framerates in WoW?

I think WoW may only be utilizing my SLI some of the time, or else Windows is not allocating it priority. I have two GeForce GTS 250's in SLI. Some of the time, WoW runs at 60 FPS when no characters ...
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Does Starcraft 2 have better graphics with DirectX 10 than DirectX 9?

I seem to recall rumors that Starcraft 2 looked better when using DirectX 10 over DirectX 9. Is this true, and if so, can you give examples (preferably in screenshot form)?
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What's the difference between DirectX 10 and DirectX 9?

In Civilization V, when starting the game, it offers me the option of using DirectX 10 or DirectX 9. Are there any graphics quality or performance gains present when using the DirectX 10 version? I ...
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