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Dishonored is a first person action adventure game with stealth mechanics, developed by Arkane studios and published by Bethesda.

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Can the tower in Hounds Pit be climbed?

In the Hounds Pit area there is a tower that also serves as Lady Emily's room. When I look up in that room, there are some floorboards that you can peek through. Also the floorboards are unbreakable. ...
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How do I help NPCs that keeps yelling "Help me" who die when I don't do anything?

These are the generic NPCs that keeps yelling "Help me". In order to prevent their death I just choke them as choked NPCs don't seem to die for no reason. This will be my way of saving them ...
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How to get the full resolution in windowed mode?

When running Dishonored in windowed mode it does not use the full selected resolution - e.g. when I select 1920x1200 (which is also my native resolution) the window does not span the full width of my ...
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Dishonored stopped working?

I have just bought Dishonored yesterday and it worked fine, but now sometimes when I open a door that goes to a different area a box pops up and says Dishonored has stopped working. The game then ...
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