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A spin-off from the popular 2048 web game, the aim of the game is to combine tiles of equal value to get a '2048' tile. However, all the tiles are doge. Wow.

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What would happen if you combine 2 doges in doge 2048?

I'm playing doge2048, and I'm wondering what would happen if you combine 2 '2048' doges? I ask, because when I change the aspect to 4096 it simply disappears. I would like to have an answer that's ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What do the messages in Doge2048 say when you're shifting tiles?

When I play this game I see comments flashing on the screen so fast I can't read most of them. The few I can read seem to be from someone who speaks English as a second language; looks like native ...
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119 votes
3 answers

Which doge represents what number?

From the original 2048 it was rather easy to tell which numbers I'm combining - after all, it says so right on the tile. But now with doge2048 there is such doge. What doge is 16? What is 32? Is this ...
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