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A 1999 adventure platformer, developed by Rare for the N64. It is the first 3D game in the Donkey Kong series.

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Barrel cannon don't appear in Fungi Forest

I'm playing Donkey Kong 64 on Nintendo 64, and when I get to the giant mushroom on the red tunnel, I shot the 5 switches on the wall with each Kong, but the cannon didn't appear, so I'm not able to ...
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What do the Chimpy Cam options do?

In the options for Donkey Kong 64 I can set Chimpy Cam to either Free or Follow. What's the difference between Free and Follow?
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How do I open the gate in Fungi Forest near warp point 5?

In Fungi Forest there is a metal gate near warp point 5. It is guarded by an enemy with a spiked club and has a blue banana behind it. Punching it with Funky Kong has no effect. How do I open this ...
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How do I activate the Chunky Kong switch outside Gloomy Galleon's entrance?

There is a switch with Chunky Kong's face outside the entrance to Gloomy Galleon. Unlike other switches, nothing happens when I ground pound it as Chunky. Why can't I activate this Chunky Kong switch?
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What is the name of this enemy?

In Angry Aztec, there is a temple with five doors, one for each Kong. I'm not sure in which part of the temple it was, but I think it was in Diddy's. Once you grab the golden banana at the end, you ...
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What is the trick to beating the Beaver Bother minigame?

In Donkey Kong 64, one of the minigames is "Beaver Bother" where you try to herd beavers into a hole. I've tried this a whole bunch and am having a really hard time beating it. My strategy has been ...
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Are there any hidden (i.e., OOB) collectibles in Donkey Kong 64 in addition to Diddy's Jungle Japes banana?

In Jungle Japes, Diddy Kong has an extra Red Banana located out of bounds. Are there any other "extra" collectible items in the game; bananas, banana coins, etc. (...
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Why did Donkey Kong 64 require more than 4 MB of memory?

As most of you know, the N64 Donkey Kong game had a game breaking bug on the 4 MB memory version. They needed to include the expansion memory just so that bug wouldn't happen. I can imagine in the ...
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Continuing Donkey Kong 64 After Beating It?

I recently played through Donkey Kong 64 and am almost done it. I only have three golden bananas left to get—stupid “Beaver Bother”! I know that I can go and do the final battle with K.Rool without ...
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