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DOSBox is an emulator that simulates an IBM-PC Compatible computer running MS-DOS, primarily intended for playing older games. It has been ported to a variety of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and architectures (PowerPC, ARM). It is free software under the GNU General Public License.

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Running MS-DOS games with long file names under DOSBox

I'm trying to play a DOS game under DOSBox that uses long filenames. Here's the ISO as seen from macOS: The ISO as imgmounted inside DOSBox: I'm trying to start install.bat but I can't figure out ...
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How to load game quickly in Star Trek 25th Annivrsary?

I'm replaying Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (the first adventure game I ever played). It runs fine in DosBox. One small problem: whenever I play to resume my game I have to run startrek.exe then wait / ...
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HUD in Commander Keen is blank while recording in OBS

Game is Commander Keen 1, Invasion of the Vorticons (1.31 1/23/90) Recording using OBS 26.0.2 (64-bit Windows), and DOSBox 0.74-2 (using output=opengl in dosbox.conf) While recording/streaming, ...
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No sound while running Chasm: The Rift on DOSBox

I recently retrieved my copy of Chasm: The Rift from my really old Windows 95 laptop, and I'm trying to run it on Windows XP via DOSBox. However, there is no sound, even though the game is supposed to ...
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DOSbox CDROM drive permissions issue

I am currently trying to play Capitalism from a CD, on DOSBox 0.74, on Windows 10. I mount the C: drive with: MOUNT C C:\DOSC Where DOSC is a Directory in my Windows 10 C: drive. I also mount my LG ...
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Can we use custom shaders in DOSBox?

I would like to know if we can add custom shaders to DOSBox, just like how we add GLSL or Slang shaders to RetroArch?
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Performance of DOSBox on PS Vita

For owners (previous or current) of PSP that now have a Ps Vita: how is the performance of DOSBox compared to the performance on a PSP? I'm asking this because I already own a PSP and tons of games ...
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How can I make 'Kulki' run on Windows 7?

I would like to make this game playable on Windows 7 (compatibility with older OS doesn't work). I'm pretty sure it should be possible using something like DosBox, but I don't know how to configure ...
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