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Where do I get the recipe for the Cantlin garden, in-game?

I have seen several websites which list the recipe for the Cantlin Garden, but I haven't found anybody (or any thing) who makes it at all clear how to build one in the game. Magnus seems to give a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to lock the view while building?

In the game when holding ZL or ZR to build or destroy above or under it locks the camera and allows you to strafe. Which is useful in some situation. I however didn't find a button that allows you to ...
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1 vote
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How do I build a Cantlin Garden?

How do I build a Cantlin Garden in Dragon Quest Builders chapter 1 for the challenge? I've tried building inside and outside of town, but to no avail. I've placed a bench, 10 Flowers, 5 Plants, more ...
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