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Enix's Dragon Quest series is a staple of the RPG genre in Japan. The series was created by Yūji Horii and features character designs by Akira Toriyama.

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Is it possible for The Sisters of Monbaraba to fulfil their wish in Chapter 4?

In Dragon Quest IV / Dragon Warrior IV for the NES, at the end of Chapter 4, it says "This is how Mara and Nara, without fulfilling their wish, left their home country." That makes it seem ...
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Do I need to play DQ4 before DQ5?

I own both Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest V, but I am more interested in playing DQ5. I know the two are in some kind of trilogy, but I’m not sure if they are directly related or only have loose tie-...
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What are the Major differences between PSX and 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII

I recently purchased the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII. I've noticed a few things while playing through it that are different than the Dragon Warrior VII PSone release in the mid 2000's. What exactly ...
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getting the metal king armor

So you get the Metal King Armor from Metal Dragon's. According to Bestiary Guide 3.0 Metal Dragon's have a drop rate of 1/256. My question is... does is matter in which order the Metal Dragon dies? ...
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Dragon Warrior 2: Unable to get the water flying cloth

I'm playing Dragon Warrior 2. I've given the magic loom and the yarn to don mahone, but he always says he's not done. I've saved my deeds on the imperial scrolls, exited the game, and re-loaded my ...
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What is the meaning of different slimes in the Quick Save loading screen?

When loading from a Quick Save, there is an animation of 3 slimes in the bottom right corner of the screen. Most of the time they're plain old blue slimes, but sometimes the middle one will be ...
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Hero's father in Dragon Quest VII

After beating Dragon Quest VII for PSX,including the secret dungeons I have an unanswered question about the story. Was Sharkeye the hero's true father? Or is Borkano his descendant? Did they adopt ...
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Dragon Quest 8 Skills

After each level, skill points are awarded that can be added to 5 skill buckets. For example, the Hero has: Sword Spear Boomerang Fist Courage I have been dividing my points equally among all of the ...
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