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Questions tagged [dragon-quest-vii]

The 7th installment of the Dragon Quest RPG series released on Playstation in 2000 and 3DS in 2013, involving characters going back to the past to stop the continents from disappearing.

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How can I win big at the casino in Dragon Quest VII?

Casinos are a Dragon Quest tradition. In fact, they're pretty much the best way to make money. In Dragon Quest VII, there's a casino available as soon as you reach Alltrades Abbey. There are several ...
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Why would I want someone to leave my town?

In Dragon Quest 7, you can recruit reformed monsters to inhabit a town called The Haven. The town is administered by a young lady named Carey... and speaking with her provides the dialogue option to ...
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What are the requirements needed to unlock the bonus dungeons?

In the PS1 version, there were two bonus dungeons that you could unlock, but with the changes and additions in the 3DS version, there are more than just two now. What are the new requirements to ...
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