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What's the proper name for the armored Volatile variants?

A new variant of the deadly Volatile was added in The Following DLC of Dying Light. These new variants have some kind of hardened shell or perhaps are wearing body armor when they died and reanimated. ...
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Where can I farm Synthetic in The Following?

I've been replaying Dying Light: The Following in anticipation for the release of Dying Light 2, and in doing so I've been trying to complete as much content in the DLC as possible. Fully upgrading ...
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Dying Light the following: How to beat the Mother in final battle?

I am at the final part of dying light - the following. I have rejected Mother's request for sacrifice and fighting her. But she is too fast and furious in the last phase - in seconds, I am dead. ...
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I'm going on an Easter Egg hunt. Have I missed anything?

I've been playing Dying Light and Dying Light The Following for a long while now. I beat the game, found all the skins, everything, but there is on set that I believe I haven't completed. The Easter ...
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'Mail Van Key' from under dead body on a bridge

I was just wandering about in 'The Following' and stumbled across a dead body on a bridge. I was able to roll over the body, and underneath were a set of keys. I picked them up and it said, 'Obtained ...
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Can I switch back and forth between original campaign and The Following in Dying Light?

I've read that there is no way to move between original city and The Following map in Dying Light in-game - you have to select map you are going to play from start menu. So, 1) Can I use single ...
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