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Empire Earth (2001) is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Stainless Steel Studios for Microsoft Windows. This is the first entry in the Empire Earth series of games. Use this tag for the first game of the Empire Earth series only, not for the series itself.

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Empire Earth Window 10 Issues

I have Empire Earth from GOG. If I am playing the game, sometimes (often) the game window disappears and I can see my desktop and in about 1-2 seconds, the game comes "back," but the UI is ...
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Empire Earth Freezing in menu

I bought Empire Earth - Gold Edition on GOG last night, assuming that it would work on Windows 8. Every time I load in, I get maybe 30 seconds in the various menu screens, before the whole thing locks ...
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Empire earth 2 crashes for windows 8.1

I tried to create a batch file I looked up in the Internet and it still doesn't work what is the problem? I typed: taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe EE2.exe Start explorer.exe" When I run it as ...
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Empire Earth 1 problem when load map

I have a problem with Empire Earth 1. From last week when I start the game, the intro video works fine as does the main menu. However when the game starts to create the world (load map) it take some ...
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3 votes
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Should I play Empire Earth before AoC?

So, my earlier problems with Empire Earth and Empire Earth: Art of Conquest seem to have oddly self-resolved. Now, I am wondering whether I actually need to play both games or if I can safely just ...
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How can I run GOG's Empire Earth on my Windows 7 x64 system?

I recently purchased Empire Earth Gold Edition from Unfortunately, I've yet to be able to actually play it. System Specs: Make/Model - HP EliteBook 8530p OS - Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 CPU ...
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How can I deal with the Nuke Bombers?

In Empire Earth 2 the AI (and most players) invest heavily in nuke bombers if allowed to get to that tech era. Not just one bomber either, 3-10 nuke bombers. How can I effectively deal with the ...
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How do I play Empire Earth 1 in Windows 7?

I want to play empire earth on my netbook, with win7 pro 32bit, but it crashes. When I start Empire Earth, the videos are played as usual and when the game starts, it crashes. I've tried different ...
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