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A grand strategy game which allows a player to control any nation in the world from 1399 to 1820.

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How to force a personal Union in EU3?

What the title says. To be specific, I am playing as England and claimed the throne of Castile (going for a British-run Western European Block and Castille is much easier a dog to fight than France ...
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What EU3 game settings can I use to encourage larger AI nations?

When creating a new game, how should the settings (difficulty, AI aggressiveness, etc ...) be chosen to encourage the AI to form large nations that don't tend to split apart? (I'd like to face bigger ...
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Repay a loan early

Is it possible to repay a loan earlier and perhaps circumvent the additional interest for the rest of the period? If this is possible how do I do this? Is there a loan screen somewhere?
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Keeping prestige up as Castille

I've been attempting to claim heir to the throne of Aragon, which means I have to keep my prestige higher than theirs as I understand it. However, while I try as I may, somehow my prestige sometimes ...
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How to burn off infamy faster in EUIII

Playing as the Byzantium Empire, and while I've gotten back Asia Minor, my infamy is through the roof and seems to be moving down at a snails pace. Any way that I can get it moving down faster so that ...
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Kill Holy Roman Emperor?

In Europa Universalis 3, as Burgundy, I have been given the quest to gain the vote of Bohemia for Holy Roman Emperor. I figure that the best way to do this, since I already have 200 relations with ...
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How can I launch mods in Steam?

I just downloaded the Devlet-i Ali Osman Alternate mod for EU3 Divine Wind, and in preference, set launch options to -mod[daoalternet] and have put the daoalternet folder and the daoalternet.mod file ...
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How do I delete a save when the saves don't appear in the save game folder?

I've been on the EU3 forums and found 2 talks about this, but the only answers are to look in save game folder (which has nothing for me) and look in appdata (which has nothing for me). My EU3 folder ...
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What would be historically correct manpower/citysize/tax values for the Indonesian islands?

What would be historically correct manpower/citysize/tax values for the Indonesian islands at or around the game start of Europa Universalis III in 1399? The game as shipped tends to under-value "...
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Naval Shock in Europa Universalis III?

If Fire represents Cannons then what does Shock represent for sea warfare? Boarding Actions?
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