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Futuristic racing game developed by Nintendo in 1990 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The player controls a hovercar and must complete five laps around a futuristic track, racing against the AI, while trying to avoid the sides of the track, land mines, and other vehicles.

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Is it possible to complete Death Wind 1 in first place, using the Blue Falcon on Master class?

Recently I've been playing SNES F-Zero on my free time. After many pain and practice, now I can win the first place on Master class with Capt. Falcon on all the tracks, except for Death Wind 1. With ...
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How to clear the jump on White Land II?

I've been playing F-Zero a lot lately, along with a bunch of other "retro" games. I'm having a bit of trouble on the course "White Land II" in the Queen Cup. The course contains a slippery turn, ...
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