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For questions about the setting of the Fable games, and how they relate to each other.

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Is Fable (1996) connected in any way to the Fable franchise from Lionhead Studios?

I'm a big fan of the Fable games, have played them all on Xbox 360, and recently discovered the DOS game by the same name. I just started playing it and am wondering if it's at all connected to the ...
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4 answers

Are the Fable games' stories continuous?

I've played through Fable, and I own Fable 3, but I want to know if the story will still make sense if I skip Fable 2. Do all three have one continuous story, are they completely separate, or ...
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Fable III: Is it possible to balance the real estate system to maximize rent and keep morality neutral?

In Fable III, you can set the rent at Low (increases morality), Normal (morality unaffected), and High (decreases morality). That is obvious on a per property basis, but what I'm wondering if it's ...
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Is Fable III going to be available on the PC? [closed]

So everything I have read says Fable III is only on XBox 360, which sucks because I do not have an XBox 360, however I am over at and checking to see what they have on Fable: The Lost ...