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Final Fantasy (the first game in the Final Fantasy series) was released for the NES in 1990 in North America. It has been upgraded and ported to several other systems including PlayStation, GBA, PSP, and iOS. It features menu-based combat, random battles, and 4 playable characters with one of 6 occupations (Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage or Black Mage). Use the [final-fantasy-series] tag for questions about the whole Final Fantasy series.

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Chances for a specific party member to be targeted out of n party members?

In Final Fantasy 1, the chance for a given party member, in the party of four, to be targeted by a single-target attack depends on their placement order as follows: 50% chance, 1 in 2 25% chance, 1 ...
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How does stat growth work in Final Fantasy (for NES)?

Take a look at this picture: (from the gamercorner website) What do the A B C D E F letters mean? I'm assuming there is a value attached to each, like maybe A means +6 per level up, but I haven't ...
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2 votes
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How does one manipulate the encounters and attacks in Final Fantasy?

I know the encounters are supposedly set, but do they change their order if you leave and enter a dungeon or overworld? How are they effected by say-the hall of giants in the earth cave? Is there a ...
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Do I need to "Hold RESET while you turn POWER off!" on the NES Mini version of Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy still warns me to "Hold RESET while you turn POWER off!" Do I have to do this on the NES classic edition?
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4 votes
2 answers

Was it possible to rename characters in the original NES Final Fantasy?

I was reading through an article about bugs in Final Fantasy and it brought back memories of playing the NES game. In the manual, it recommended that players just looking to jump in to mash the A ...
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Which was the true release date of the original Final Fantasy game?

I personally own a legit copy of the first FF game (the NES one, but in English) and I know thanks to some websites (including Wikipedia) that the game was released on 1987. Yet on the back of the ...
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Can't get to airship

I'm playing the Windows Phone version of FFI. I was trying to do the optional dungeon Hellfire Chasm. I actually managed to clear it by reaching Hellfire Chasm B10 and killing the boss. The ...
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Final Fantasy for iphone: increase font size

I just downloaded FF (the original) for iphone, having been happy with FF3 for iOS. However, font size, item lists, etc, are insanely and nausea-inducingly small. I find it even hard to see how the ...
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5 votes
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Was Final Fantasy I Map part of the game package

I'm playing Final Fantasy port for Andorid, I'm using world map from internet to navigate between cities. I'm curious if this was possible to do back in the time of the original game on NES. Was the ...
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How do I delete a save in a slot in Final Fantasy 1 for GBA?

I accidentally saved to the 3rd slot by mis-clicking (I use an emulator). Now I have two copies of the save. How do I delete the save I have on the 3rd slot? If it's not possible natively in-game, are ...
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2 votes
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How long do white magic spells last in Final Fantasy I for NES

I was wondering how long the white magic spells that affect evasion, attack or defence (such as INVS, FOG, RUSE, etc) last in the first Final Fantasy? Do they last for an entire battle? Of just a ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Final Fantasy I weapons

What are the best (most damage) weapons for each of the characters in the original Final Fantasy?
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Where is the Earthgift Shrine in Final Fantasy?

I am currently playing the original Final Fantasy for the iPhone and can not remember where the Earthgift Shrine is on the over world map. I have just beaten Lich and looking to return because the ...
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