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a multimedia platform used to embed and run games, animations and applications for web pages. It was discontinued as of 31st Dec, 2020 and disabled by major browsers. Use this tag for questions about the Flash software in relation to games, or a game feature truly unique to Adobe Flash.

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Castlevania Flash fan game does not load anymore

There is a Flash game, Castlevania: The Blood Way, which is hard to find on the internet today. One problem with that game is that it uses external resources: it loads SWFs from a specific domain, ...
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Playing an old shockwave game integrated with an archived website

I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to play the online version of the old Namco arcade machine Life Expectancy Service X-Day from 1993. The arcade version was never emulated, but the Namco ...
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Download a linked swf file?

I am trying to download the full game Alien Juice Bar When I download the swf file, I can only see the main screen the buttons will not work to take me to the rest of the game. I am assuming there are ...
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What flash game is this from?

What is this image from? Is it Thing Thing Arena? There were so many of these kinds of games on when I was a teenager.
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How do I save progress on local Flash games? [duplicate]

Before Adobe Flash completely shut down I downloaded a bunch of .swf files along with the Flash Player application so I could play them once it all went offline. But after playing a game, I'm not sure ...
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Is there a way to play a SWF/Flash game that required a server login/connection?

I found the files (all assets, all SWF files and source code) for an old Multiplayer/MMO game (Ninja Saga) I used to play on Facebook years and years ago. Is there a way for me to play the game ...
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What is the name of this Macromedia Shockwave game with a small plumber unclogging pipes from the inside?

This was a Macromedia Shockwave game I played online, which was likely made before 2008. The gameplay was pretty straightforward: we had to unclog the pipes and help all the water flow down. If any ...
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How can I keep playing online-only Flash games after the Flash shutdown in 2020?

My stepfather currently plays FarmVille 2 on Facebook, which uses Flash (also, he uses a Windows 10 machine, if it makes any difference). As we all know, web browsers will stop offering Flash after ...
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How can I play .dcr Shockwave games?

I found this set of old games, that I would really like to play, that use adobe shockwave. Specifically, "World Builder" from "game archive 3". I am using XAMPP as it said to do in the readme, but it ...
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How to save flash games on android?

Playing a downloadable version of Super Mario Crossover on an Android tablet. Playing online requires adobe flash player. Google no longer allows Adobe flash player for android. That's why i have to ...
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Is it possible to use my Pokemon Ruby save file from the online flash version on an emulated version?

I played a game on the website which has flash games to play. I saved my game as a .sav file which worked fine on the website. The game has now been removed but I have my save file ...
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Is it possible to continue a Flash game session on a different computer?

I am currently playing a flash-game (Mardek RPG chapter 3) and I found it pretty long. I've done quite a lot of progress on a computer that's not mine (it belongs to my relatives), and now I want to ...
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Play TankiOnline on the desktop [duplicate]

There is a game called TankiOnline. The website is This game is played using Adobe Flash. My question is, how can I play this game on the desktop, instead of going through a web ...
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Can I force Flash games to play in fullscreen mode?

I download Flash games from several sites and some of them can be played on fullscreen and some cannot be. How can I change the screen size of the game to accomodate my screen? Is there a way to force ...
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Why are my flash game saves getting erased?

After installing stand-alone flash games such as Machinarium, Dino Run SE, and Space Rubbish (all of which are great games by the way) I find that my game saves keep disappearing. I have read how ...
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How to open a .swf game file?

I have a .swf game with me. How do I play it? Though I am able to play the game from the website I downloaded it from, if I open the .swf file in the browser, I just get a grey colored screen. ...
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How can I download this flash game for offline play?

Fancy Pants is one of the best flash games ever. Is there some way to download it, so that I can play it offline?
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