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Forza Horizon is the fifth game and first open world racing game in the Forza series. Released between October 23rd and 26th, 2012 on the XBox 360, Horizon is set in the state of Colorado during the fictional Horizon motorsport festival.

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Can I play digitally bought games on Xbox (series S) on a different console by signing in to my account, like the One?

I'm looking to buy the Xbox series S, which can only be downloaded. I'm concerned that I'll have to rebuy the game if I ever decide to download it to a new or different console. Is that true?
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What's after popularity level 1?

If you play Forza Horizon you should know that you get popularity points. My popularity points are at 1st but it's taking forever to get whats after that. So my question is what's after 1st is there ...
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What does the shield icon mean after someone's online name?

I have seen a shield icon after people's name online but I don't know what it means. I know the crown is VIP because I have that.
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Does vehicle damage hinder vehicle performance in Forza Horizon?

When driving from event to event, occasionally my vehicle will take massive amounts of cosmetic damage. I am curious is that damage shown on the vehicle is hindering that vehicle's performance. I ...
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Can I use a second controller to frame my photo mode shots if I'm using a racing wheel?

Title basically says it all. The biggest problem I'm having is controlling the yaw, as in I can't with the racing wheel (the official Microsoft one from a few years back). I also can't control the ...
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What rare cars are available, and how do I find them?

I am trying to track down all the Barn Finds. Where can I find them?
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