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A DOS-built space exploration game

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Is there a bigger ship then the Panther Clipper (which can be bought) in Elite Frontier?

I'm thinking about ships like the Lynx Bulk Carrier: but I did not manage to buy one so far. So can I buy a bigger ship then the Panther Clipper?
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How can I scoop up my plundered space-booty?

I've decided that the space pirate life is for me. I have a decent ship (Asp Explorer) and have equipped all the necessary stuff I need to chase targets through space (radar mapper and hyperspace ...
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In Frontier Elite 2, which songs are part of the soundtrack?

So far I've found these which I believe are in the soundtrack (available music to choose from in the game): In the hall of the mountain king Blue danube waltz A night on the bare mountain Ride of the ...
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Is there any point to the Interplanetary Shuttle in Frontier:Elite II?

I've just gone back to Frontier: Elite II using DOSBox and it reminded me of a question that I had when I first played the game: what is the point of the Interplanetary Shuttle? You can buy it, but ...
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